Tuesday, 15 February 2005

Overcoming inertia

I've been quiet on here recently. No particular reason, just didn't feel like saying much. Can't say that I have a lot more to say tonight, but if I don't post something I'll never get round to it and that'll be the end of it.

So, some things I've seen, heard or read recently.

On a t-shirt: "Men are from Earth, Women are from Earth: Deal with it!"

My desk: Its been untidy for the last six months, now its clean and tidy with only two computers and a printer on it, and an empty bottle of wine (st emilion red, v v nice, although perhaps unwise to drink the whole thing in one sitting...)

Listened to: James Blunt "Back to Bedlam". Great album of acoustic guitary stuff. Sort of a haunting mixture of David Gray and Tom Mcrae. I'd highlight my favorite track but I like them all...

Heard: Emiliana Tourini. Another great album. 1/2 icelandic 1/2 italian, sings a bit like bjork, sounds a lot like stina nordenstam or billie holiday. love it.

Read: loads of books. probably getting on for 12 since christmas. scifi to the last. escapist stuff. different worlds. far off places. two different books about first contact with aliens. both aliens utterly different. both revealing similar insecurities in our own existance. neither had obvious endpoints. revealing.

Watched: ER last night. ray liotta starred. enters er with stomache pains 11.24am. dies 12.05pm from liver failure. alcohol. find out in realtime 40 minutes why: painter, wifes death, blames self, young son, starts drinking, kills stranger, prison, drinks more, lonely isolation, grasps own mortality, touches someone elses life fleetingly, forgivingly, dies. I cried.