Friday, 29 April 2005

Beer makes you clever: official

Good news today for all those who, like me, dapple in the odd drink or two. Beer makes you clever. Its official. Its even on the BBC news website so it _must_ be true.

There is no mention of whether certain brands or flavours are more beneficial than others. Personally that is an experiment that I am prepared to be a lab rat for. Although I might need to call in reinforcements for some of the alcopops and the like.

On its own this is perhaps not too beneficial, however if you include the following recent research articles, beer is less fattening than wine, helps you to escape avalanches, and helps you to fight off cancer, alcohol consumption is positively beneficial.

Make mine a double!!.

Friday, 1 April 2005

Is this how iPod shuffles are made :D

Think Geek's iCopulate

# Features of the iCopulate™ include: Works with any second generation iPod® or later with a dock connector (will not work with the iPod Shuffle®)
# Transfer audio tracks and files directly, faster than real time
# Includes one 1.62 volt watch battery for up to 8 months of sustained iCopulation™
# Support for single track and album transfer, entire playlist transfer, or transfer of all songs and files on the device
# Unique, ribbed, Latex sleeve surrounding embedded electronics for enhanced iPod® safety and increased user comfort
# Includes one 8oz tube of non-toxic strawberry scented iLube™

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