Sunday, 17 December 2006

Happy Christmas

Well hello there,

It's kind of been a while since I last posted stuff. Not really sure why, other than general apathy, but hey, enough of that, I'm posting something now!.

Here are my Christmas card designs for this year. From top to bottom it shows the progression of the idea I had.

The starting version:
[Notice anything missing?. I didn't until I'd printed out 10, although it does look very minimalistic, which is kind of what I was aiming for anyways...]

The first alternative:

[Santa can see again, although he appears to be opting not too...]

[Several other minor versions were created, but I forgot to keep copies, so we'll skip right along to...]

The final version:

[then I was trying other colour combinations and came up with...]

Something a bit more sinister:

Have a nice Christmas and a make sure it's a relaxing time too!