Monday, 7 November 2005

So what does google think I need?.

Shaun needs the funding to support training the people working with him
: excellent idea. train everyone I work with to work my way.

The sudden and unexplained outbreak of zombies is just what Shaun needs.
: No thanks, we've got enough zombies already. Seriously, why would anyone want more?.

Shaun needs to sort out his life. "Google knows me so well"
Shaun needs to be banned. "Hey! If you dont like the blog, you dont have to read the
: somewhat alarmingly, those last two already had the comments in "". They seem like things I might have written though.

Shaun needs Money
: while more would be nice, I think I already have enough for the lifestyle I'm happy with.

Shaun needs to send Sterling approved text. (Text should have logo)
: Ok I will try to do that in future. BTW who is Sterling?.

Shaun needs to place guild info onto a CD for John and bring it to the
: bring to the what?. If it told me where to bring it I might try to.

Shaun needs more experience with City in Europe, although by rights he
should have more under-21 caps under his belt. I cannot understand why David
Platt ...
: Apparently I don't have enough European experience to play for England yet. I'm trying hard. I've been to Copenhagen + Roskilde in DK, Amsterdam + Alkmaar in NL, Paris, Italy, been through Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I'm getting there. Give me a few more years, and I'll have it covered.

Shaun needs service report form 4a
: I've filled in forms 1-3a-f, sections x,y and z, and they still want me to fill in 4a. Sigh.

Q: Coach, do you think Shaun needs to add weight? Being eighteen years old that is kind of natural. Since he graduated, he has already added eleven or
: I've checked, and I think I have enough weight already thanks.

Shaun needs $25000 for his "gene therapy" treatment in China so we are holding an auction to help him raise these funds.
: I'm worried now. Whats wrong with my Genes?. They seem ok to me. Would like a trip to China though.